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Chinn GYN, LLC

Personal Care for Your Personal Parts

best gynecologist
best gynecologist
Shantelle Griffin

Shantelle Griffin


Raised as an Alaskan transplant, Shantelle resided in Anchorage for 34 years before making her way to Washington to join the team at Chinn GYN.  Shantelle is the world's proudest aunt to two beautiful young ladies and one strapping young man.  She brings her glitz, glam, and A-game to the service she provides in the clinic each day.  A lover of all things heart-shaped, colorful, tiger-striped, and related to Beyonce, Shantelle has a unique sense of style and a distinct persona that livens up the atmosphere wherever she is. Drawn to healthcare for the possibility of improving the quality of other people's lives, Shantelle has been a Medical Assistant since 2006.  While she has provided patient care for urgent and surgical needs, her strongest passion has always been ensuring women receive the highest quality care for all of their healthcare needs. Shantelle has an unwavering commitment to reproductive and sexual health care, and she believes that all women deserve to have unabashed trust in their healthcare team. When she joined the Chinn GYN team in 2020, it was to embark on a new and immensely satisfying life journey that would allow her to deepen her direct relationships with the women she serves. Shantelle loves giving gifts, making people happy, shopping, pampering, keeping secrets, singing, dancing, and celebrating. Her favorite thing in the whole world is her mother, and her favorite thing to do is promote shameless self-care. With jewels in her teeth and the best accessories you have ever seen, Shantelle will greet you at the door with flair that is sure to sparkle up your day.