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Chinn GYN, LLC

Personal Care for Your Personal Parts

best gynecologist
best gynecologist
Shantelle Griffin

Tasia Ward


Tasia, who has been working in the healthcare system for over 6 years, loves helping others when she gets the chance. With a deep love for disco, Tasia loves music and dancing, also indulging in karaoke every now and again. Ever the adventurer, she hops on a plane every chance she gets, always longing to go (and experience) someplace new. She loves her house plants and her Pomeranian, a self-proclaimed obsessive plant mama whose dog is her whole world. A very social person, one of Tasia's favorite things is being around others, whether that means talking to friends, family, or meeting someone new! Tasia loves laughing, and she looks forward to making others laugh as she works for you with the rest of your Chinn GYN team. She joined Chinn GYN because she believes we have an amazing team that provides top-notch healthcare that you can't find anywhere else, and of course she wanted in. Her favorite colors are purple and green.