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Chinn GYN, LLC

Gynecology & Advanced Aesthetics located in Mount Vernon, WA

Chinn GYN, LLC, specializes in comprehensive women’s health care and manages the health of anyone with female reproductive organs in Mount Vernon, Washington, and the surrounding communities. At the practice, Melissa Chinn, DO, FACOG, and Morghan Milagrosa, ARNP, WHNP-BC, CNM, IBCLC, NCMP, MSN, care for people during every stage of life, from puberty through menopause.



At Chinn GYN, our team firmly believes that a patient’s relationship with their health care provider directly impacts their health, happiness, and ability to heal. The team views their patients as complete individuals — not simply a system of reproductive organs — and they need the right care to match.

Patients are multifaceted. That’s why the team offers specialized solutions for any health concerns their patients may have. From primary care and endometrial ablation to Emsculpt® body contouring and vaginal revitalization, Chinn GYN, LLC, can help them look and feel their best.

Along with expert gynecological care, Chinn GYN, LLC, provides a wide range of LGBTQ+ care services for individuals transitioning into a gender with which they identify. The team offers hormone therapy, mental health counseling, and referrals for surgical reassignment intervention.

To schedule an appointment with the team at Chinn GYN, LLC, call the office or book online today! We can't wait to meet you.


  • We know.

    We are women, too. We understand the uncomfortable thought of taking off our clothes and showing a stranger the parts and pieces we don't usually expose. We have been in the stirrups. We have asked the embarrassing questions. We have each experienced all the weirdness.

    We know it can be better.

    Thats why we created a new model of care. We designed our clinic to be unlike any other, because we know those other models fail women.

  • Our practice is designed with a focus on making quality care accessible and enjoyable.

    We are intent on making your exam or procedure not just less dreadful but also a welcome experience. We know you will have the space you need to be fully seen and heard.

    We know how often during her life a woman might be treated as a uterus surrounded by undifferentiated tissue.

    We know there is more to you than any of your reproductive parts.

    We know how much it matters to have integrated care that considers all your individual personal parts and all the ways they overlap.

  • We get it. We get you.

    We want to hear your story.

    We want to really know you.

    We know. We are patients, too. We understand that going to the doctor is the last thing that any of us really wants to do. It is confusing. It is inconvenient. It is often very stressful.


  • Not to brag, but...

    Our patients really love us.

    (Watch the video to learn why)

the​re's no place

like chinn gyn

The magical difference is in more than our fantastic shoes. There has never been another clinic like Chinn GYN. We are not just another women's clinic. We are not just another medical clinic. We are no longer interested in practicing medicine as it is routinely practiced in America, because we know the system is not only broken but was also built in a way that prevents providers from truly serving patients. In order to provide you with exceptional care, we cannot continue to do what has always been done. We have had to break the mold and create an innovative system that is inherently designed to allow our providers to take the best care of every woman who walks through our doors. For some people, our system just makes sense. For others, it takes a little adjustment, precisely because it is so starkly different from everything they have ever known.


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For your convenience, Chinn Gynn LLC allows our patients to submit for reimbursement according to plan specifications. We have many options for individualized payment plans, which are designed to fit every budget.

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Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.


Words from our patients

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    "One of THE best decisions I ever made for myself was to call and make an appointment at Chinn GYN LLC. I felt so welcomed and cared for by everyone I had contact with."

    Lulu R.
  • Google

    "Please don’t hesitate to try Chinn GYN. After so many doctor appointments and no answers, a friend told me to try here. I am so pleased with my decision to do so."

    Ellen F.
  • Google

    "The best doctor’s office I’ve ever been to. All the staff is incredibly kind and Dr. Chinn both listens to her patients and explains everything very clearly."

    Addie T.
  • Google

    "The staff was friendly, warm and welcoming, had I not been there for a gyn visit I would have thought it was a spa."

    Laura G.
  • Google

    "They treat you with compassion, cutting edge knowledge and open communication with a side of humor."

    Judy G.
  • Google

    "Chinn GYN is your one stop healthcare and medical spa services shop! I guarantee any and everything you could possibly have a concern about it they can address."

    Katelyn P.
  • Google

    "The friendly knowledgeable staff and the state of the art options for better health is why I trust my care to ChinnGYN!"

    Denise K.
  • Google

    "I am so grateful to have found this group and I am so glad to see a small independent practice offering a better standard of care in our community!"

    Chelsea G.
  • Google

    "Within only two my first two appointments with Morgan, my health has already changed a million times for the better!!"

    Christina D.
  • Google

    "DR. Chinn and her staff are the most kind, caring and supportive group of women you will ever have the chance to meet."

    Tamara C.
  • Google

    "We moved to a different state but still kept Morghan as the primary care doctor because we know we will never find that same level of service in the world."

    Kevin G.
  • Google

    "Staff very helpful. Dr Chinn is kind and empathetic. Highly recommend this very professional Dr and her lovely team!"

    Terry M.


Chinn GYN, LLC
111 S 12th St, Suite A
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
Phone: 360-824-5278
Fax: 949-695-3349

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