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Better Than Before


Details Matter.

We are committed to offering you a healthcare experience that is unlike any you have ever had before. We have not enjoyed the healthcare we have received within the standard system, and we have been disappointed in the quality of care that we have been able to provide within those same systems. We aspire to improve your care experience from our first contact onward. We are also committed to meeting your needs as they arise. If there is a way we could serve you better, tell us!


Convenient Scheduling

We strive to make our care as accessible and seamless as possible. We are able to accommodate morning, lunchtime, evening & weekend appointments in order to best fit into your schedule. Urgent need? Call us. We will get you in. Unable to physically come to the office? Ask us about our video visits.

Beautiful environment

We have a lovely, well-appointed waiting room, but we hope that you won't use it! We try our absolute best to see you promptly upon arrival. In the event that you do have to wait, we want you to be completely comfortable. We have wi-fi available, ample reading material, friendly staff & beverages galore.


We know women are rarely in a position to care freely for themselves without having to bring someone along. Whoever you bring, age 0-100, will always be welcome, & we have crafted our space to be friendly to all. Need to change a diaper? We've got you covered. Morghan will do your pap wearing your baby, & Dr. Chinn will become best friends with your grandma.


Warm speculums & No pain!

We've all felt the startling chill of a frigid speculum. We keep ours warmed. We also offer warm towels after your pelvic exam or procedure, because we've all had the unpleasant & embarrassing experience of wiping goo with rough medical-office tissues. Feeling hot? We will adjust the room temperature to suit your needs. No shivering or sweat is necessary here. Anxious, uneasy, afraid of the pain of a procedure? We've got you covered. From the option of pre-medication to ease your nerves to self-administered nitrous oxide to get you through, we will make everything we do as painless as possible.

Real clothing!

You're not a paper doll, so we won't give you paper clothes. In fact, we won't ask you to deal with paper products in our exam rooms at all. We've had exam table paper stuck to our butts. We have all sweat through the puppy pads beneath us. We have all torn the paper gowns. We will offer you robes & slippers for your comfort, blankets for your body or your lap, and linens made of actual cloth. You will receive a tote bag at your visit to accommodate any paperwork you acquire, & we will invite you to take advantage of our light therapy or infrared sauna before you leave. Afterward, we will have everything you need to freshen up before you leave.

One stop shopping

We know you're busy. We know the hassle of making & keeping appointments for the different services you need. We will cover all concerns in one space & will stack your concerns so that return visits are as limited as possible. We offer a complete complement of women's care services, including integrated primary care. We offer an array of personal care services, from clinical skincare treatments to permanent hair removal, & various medical, cosmetic & personal care products to keep things easy & prevent you from having to make another trip or have a potentially awkward tampon or lubricant moment with a cashier.


Chinn GYN, LLC
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