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Disordered Eating

Intensive, Medical Management for Disordered Eating & Dysmorphia

Intensive, Medical Management for Disordered Eating & Dysmorphia

The majority of medical professionals have had minimal to no training in disordered eating. Most medical providers are under the impression that weight concerns are simply an issue of body image & that counseling alone can cure all eating disorders. Women & girls are often treated in residential settings that remove them from the real world, removing the triggers that may have invoked the concern from the outset. We know that this often fails . We know that concerns about weight, actual weight and body type are complicated issues, and we know that being underweight or having a distorted impression of one's body has implications that extend far beyond what we traditionally think of as health. We offer personalized medical management of these concerns that is tailored to your individual needs. This is not force-feeding. This is not brain-washing. This is an individually crafted protocol that addresses your own needs and goals. This is finding your comfort zone with your body in your real life, for the rest of your life.


It's Different.

That's Why it works.

This program is comprehensive, holistic & all-encompassing. It is tailored to your individual needs & is not crafted after theories that are loosely applied to groups of people who are not you. There is no forcing. There is no shaming. There is no punishment. There is only the journey to self-acceptance, love & care that results in the healthiest, happiest version of you.

The Secret Is...

...there is no secret. There is not some magical pill or force-fed food, or counseling routine that is going to work for everyone. There IS a regimen that will work for you, and it will require time and effort in our partnership to craft, finesse and discover the right protocol for you. Body acceptance & recovery from dysmorphia or disordered eating is best achieved and conducted as part of a commitment package because of the consistency that having regularly scheduled encounters requires . Your goals and reasons for seeking assistance are as unique as you are. Your plan will be crafted to meet only your needs and directed towards your personal goals. We know that there is not a sustainable quick fix for these concerns. We want to partner with you for the long-haul to ensure that what we create together is both lasting and effective. No two protocols will be identical. We ask that you commit to 16 full weeks of intervention with us because we know that sustainability isn't about sudden, sweeping changes. It's about making small adjustments and finessing them depending on your particular biological, emotional, psychological, and logistical needs in order to ensure they are the right fix and the right fit for you.


Your intensive package includes all visits, all variety of frequent check-ins, the development of a comprehensive plan, a consistent program for accountability, frequent tailoring with revision as necessary, tangible resources and tools given to you for home use, and the use of any recommended ancillary services.



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