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Birth Control



There are many phases in a woman's life during which she may decide that she does not wish to have a baby. This might be before she is ready to start a family, when she does not want to ever have children, once she already has one or more children, or when she has decided her family is complete. If she is partnered to a man who is fertile, she may wish to do something to prevent pregnancy from occurring. We have all the tips & tricks, & we know the ins & outs of each contraceptive method. We will work with you to review the risks & benefits of each option so you can decide what is best for you.




We offer the following options in the office in order to serve you best. If you desire permanent sterilization, Dr. Chinn will offer a laparoscopic salpingectomy (previously termed "tubal ligation" or "tube tying") at an ambulatory surgery center. We do not & will not ever offer the Essure procedure. If your male partner desires permanent sterilization, we will refer him for this procedure & assist you with alternate contraception until his confirmation of sterility.

Diaphragm Fitting

BLOCK THE ENTRANCE Diaphragms are barrier contraceptives that are placed prior to intercourse over the entrance to the cervix to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. Though rarely used today, they remain an available option. A pelvic assessment to ensure the proper size is necessary. We will perform diaphragm fittings upon request & order you your personally fitted device. If you lose or gain significant weight or you have a baby, you will have to have another fitting.

Hormonal IUD: Mirena or Liletta

BLEEDING, BE GONE! Occasionally, women prefer to suppress their bleeding entirely & desire long-term reversible contraception but do not want estrogen-containing contraception or higher doses of hormones. The Liletta & Mirena intrauterine devices are progesterone-only methods that eliminate the uterine lining, block the cervical canal & inhibit ovulation. We will discuss with you the risks & benefits of use, &, if you decide this method is right for you, place it at your convenience, which you may prefer to have happen the same day. We will ensure that the placement is as comfortable as absolutely possible.


Ovulation Suppression

STOP THE EGGS! We will discuss with you different ways to inhibit ovulation & all the methods that can do this, including the risks & benefits of each. We often have trial samples of different methods available in the clinic so we can see how you tolerate a method before committing to it for the long term & we provider regularly scheduled injectable forms in the clinic.

Subdermal Implant

GET OUT OF MY UTERUS! At times, women desire long-term, reversible contraception but do not want anything placed inside their uteruses. In this instance, we can discuss the Nexplanon device, which is a tiny, match-stick sized device that is placed with a needle after numbing your skin into the upper, inner portion of your arm. If you decide this method is right for you, we will place it at your convenience, which you may


Copper IUD: The Paragard

NON-HORMONAL CONTRACEPTION FOR UP TO 10 YEARS If you desire or require non-hormonal contraception but would like a long-term reversible method, we will discuss with you the risks & benefits of copper intrauterine devices, which we can place for you that same day, as desired. Your comfort is of utmost concern, so we will ensure that the procedure is minimally painful.

After Sex Has Occurred

AFTER SEX HAS ALREADY OCCURRED There are times when things happen. A condom breaks, falls off, or doesn't get used. We are assaulted by someone who ejaculates inside us without our consent. We forgot to take our birth control. If you have had sex, there are still options. We can review those options with you, &, depending on your preference, can prescribe different medications to prevent you from releasing an egg. If you are pregnant & did not want to be, we will assist you in your decision-making.


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