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At Chinn GYN, we believe that health & healing are directly related to the relationship a woman has with her care provider. We believe that each woman is a unique & complex individual & that each situation requires a novel approach. We do not believe that all women are equal, & we do not believe in a reductionist style of medicine that views women as conditions, or that treats their concerns only in the context of their reproductive parts. We view you as a human with many inter-related parts & pieces, one of which happens to be a vagina, & we are specialty trained to care for your vagina as much as we are to care for your heart. We believe in a truly integrative approach that takes into account the multi-faceted being that you are. We also believe that the healing process begins with sharing your story with other people who care. We offer our patients service that you simply will not find in other medical practices. Foremost among the amenities we provide is a model of care that is designed for women, by women, & is applicable to women in all phases & stages of life. We offer female biology-specific services, & we recognize that there is no adequate substitute for dedicated, genuine face-to-face time between patient & provider for discussion of important issues. We want to reserve sufficient time for your visit. You will not be rushed. All your questions will be answered.


We provide a comprehensive array of women's healthcare services, including annual wellness care & screenings, problem gynecologic care, menopause care, contraceptive care, fertility care, sexual health care, & women's minimally invasive surgical services; many of our procedures for evaluation or management of concerns can be performed in our office with our all-female staff without the need to involve additional personnel in your personal care & with the utmost attention to your comfort. We offer thorough, complete evaluation & management of all presenting concerns. We are dedicated to partnering with each woman to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual & to craft wellness & treatment plans that are individually tailored & optimized to enhance each woman's health. We approach each concern as a unique event in the life of a unique woman, & we take into account all of the individually specific factors that contribute not only to the concern but also to finding the best possible solution.


As our bodies age and we enter different phases of life, the things we need to stay healthy and vibrant change. Women's wellness addresses the prevention of problems and the identification of risks to ensure that you are living your best life. These services are designed to be integrative and address your entire being, not just specific parts of your body, and they may include annual exams or other comprehensive physical exams.

60-minutes of face-to-face time with your provider

Complete physical exam, including breast & pelvic exams as indicated & desired

Complete review of all facets of your health, including risk assessments 

Screening recommendations with orders as desired for lab testing, imaging, and other evaluations

Pap smear collection and vaginal health assessment as indicated & desired



Many diseases, disorders or dissatisfactions with your reproductive parts may arise either spontaneously or from other underlying conditions. Our gynecologic consultation services are available to address any concerns you may have about your breast, vulvar, vaginal, cervical, pelvic, uterine, ovarian, menstrual, sexual or urinary health. A comprehensive listing of all potential concerns is impossible to develop, as each body and each presentation is so distinctly unique.

60-minutes of face-to-face time with your provider

Unrushed time to completely express your concerns & have them evaluated in partnership

In-office assessment tools available, including ultrasound services, direct & immediate evaluation of vaginal and cervical discharge & cells, biopsy, colposcopy, hysteroscopy

Immediate implementation of management plans, which may include in office procedures (see procedure details below)



The desire to embark to prevent or promote pregnancy is a very personal choice for each individual woman. We are here to assist you throughout your reproductive journey & partner with you in whatever decisions you might be faced with at the present moment & as you plan for your future. However you are faced with choices or challenges regarding your reproduction, we will walk beside you, knowing we are the experts of the biological processes & you are the expert of what is right for you.

60-minutes of face-to-face time with your provider

Availability of all contraceptive options, including sterilization

Integrative fertility care, including, extensive evaluation, ovulation induction & intrauterine or intra-cervical insemination as indicated or desired

In-office evaluation options, including ultrasound, hysteroscopy, assessment of tubal patency

Partner involvement to the extent that you desire




We are pleased to be able to offer a wide array of procedures for management of gynecologic concerns in the comfort of our office. If pain management is necessary for the procedure, we will discuss your options at length. In order to protect your privacy & safety, we will always offer you the least invasive options & scale to more invasive options only as necessary or requested. In the office, we will perform biopsies, vaginal radiofrequency, high intensity focused electromagnetic pelvic floor stimulation, cervical procedures, endometrial ablation, labiaplasty, perineoplasty, vaginoplasty, hysteroscopy, saline-infused sonohysterogram. If further surgical intervention is warranted, Dr. Chinn will discuss your options for procedures, including coordination with local providers for more complex surgeries.

Diagnostic evaluation of presenting condition & complete discussion of ALL management options

In-office pain management techniques

State-of-the-art equipment to reduce discomfort & procedure time & facilitate rapid healing

Personalized pre-operative and post-operative care

More than 20 years of specialized gynecologic surgical skill



Nothing shocks us, ladies. We have seen and heard it all. While it may feel taboo to you, we promise you it isn't taboo to us. We can't take care of personal parts without talking about all the things you might do with those parts, & that includes sex. We want you to have satisfying sexual experiences however you want to pursue them. We are here to assist you without judgment with whatever sexual or intimate concerns you might have. If you have a partner, we are here for any of his/her/their sexual or reproductive concerns as well. We know that sexual satisfaction & function wax & wane as a result of myriad factors, which may include pathological causes requiring intensive intervention & may include more benign causes requiring more subtle treatments or adjustments.

Personalized, private, thorough assessment of sexual health & concerns

Physical examination as necessary & desired

Availability of in-office, innovative procedures for female sexual wellness without downtime

In-depth discussion of all contributing factors, all treatment options, all possible outcomes

Immediate implementation of management plans



Menopause is not an isolated event. It is a process, which, even when it occurs naturally, can often cause symptoms that impact your daily life and impair or disrupt your previous functioning. If you are entering menopausal transition or have gone through menopause & are struggling with the process, from bothersome bleeding patterns to temperature instability to urinary & vaginal changes, we can discuss ways to restore function & a sense of normalcy. The process of menopause may be normal & natural, but the results of The Change are often so distressing that they compromise our quality of life. We are expertly trained in managing the adverse effects of the menopausal transition with an extensive assortment of treatment options.

Unrushed, unbiased assessment of your concerns

Personally tailored risk assessments and evaluations

Integrative treatment approaches, including management of hormones, emotions, flushing, temperature instability, bleeding, metabolism changes, sexual concerns, bladder concerns, & sleep problems

Complete menopause workup

Thorough evaluation of treatment efficacy




Click a picture below to learn more about our various gynecologic procedure offerings. All procedures offered in the office are performed under local anesthesia with our familiar, all-female staff only serving you, and with the option of pre-medication or self-administered nitrous oxide to reduce anxiety & improve comfort.

Pelvic Floor Procedures

Pelvic Floor Procedures

Non-invasive incontinence & pelvic laxity treatment for prolapse, poor support, sexual concerns, urinary leakage or fecal incontinence

Vulvo-Vaginal Procedures

Vulvo-Vaginal Procedures

Vulvar & vaginal radiofrequency treatment, support procedures, or neuromodulation for pain, sexual dysfunction, prolapse & dryness

Reconstructive Procedures

Reconstructive Procedures

Surgical radiofrequency for reconstruction of labia, vagina, perineum to address defects you were born with or acquired from trauma


Uterine Procedures

Uterine Procedures

Procedures to assess & correct problems with pain, abnormal bleeding, problematic periods, difficulty conceiving & postmenopausal bleeding

Cervical Procedures

Cervical Procedures

Procedures to assess & correct problems with abnormal pap smears, recurrent infections, cervical dysplasia, & bleeding or discharge concerns

Contraceptive Procedures

Contraceptive Procedures

Options to prevent unwanted pregnancy when you are not ready or have completed your family


Infertility Procedures

Infertility Procedures

Procedures to assess & address problems with fertility when you are ready but struggling or in need of assistance

Lesion Procedures

Lesion Procedures

Procedures to diagnose, remove, prevent, and eliminate unwanted lumps & bumps in your vulvar, vaginal or anal regions


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