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Sexual Concerns


Sexual Concerns

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

Sex is a need. Read that again. Sex is a need. It is a physical and psychological need. A good sex life is good for your heart. It is good for your hormones. It is good for your brain. It is good for your immune system. A good sex life is a sex life that is pleasurable for you. Read that again. FOR YOU. Pleasurable sex is good for our pelvic floors. Painful sex is not. Pleasurable sex decreases our overall pain response. Painful sex does not. Women's sexual wellness has long taken a backseat to men's intimate wellness. Women have been told that painful sex is something they have to deal with, or that the only solution is to use a variety of substances to attempt to have intercourse without discomfort. Whether you are experiencing vaginal dryness, painful sex, changes in your sexual response (libido, lubrication, orgasm), or differences in your sensation following such procedures as childbirth or chemotherapeutic treatment, we have minimally invasive treatment options that, when tailored to your specific concerns, will improve your symptoms.



Many women are suffering through painful intercourse to please their partners, either because they have guilt & feel they have a duty to meet their partners needs or because they are tired of having arguments about sex.  Many women have stopped having sexual experiences entirely because they are limited by their discomfort; sometimes this happens because of aging & the changes associated with menopause, sometimes it is the result of a hormonal imbalance, and sometimes sex has always been a burden.  Whatever your specific scenario, it is NOT something you have to live with & it is a treatable condition.  Dr. Chinn & Morghan have worked with many women suffering from a variety of different sources of sexual dysfunction, & they are experts in evaluating symptoms, identifying underlying causes, & developing individually unique treatment plans to either restore or create pleasurable experiences for you in the bedroom.

Your intimate relationships are uniquely important in your lives.  Some women begin intimate relationships with limited sexual function.  Sometimes this poses a problem for the woman, for her partner, or for both.  Sometimes it doesn't. Some women develop sexual impairments as a result of childbirth, hormonal changes, underlying medical conditions,  medications they are taking, or the aging process.  Sometimes this becomes disruptive in their relationships or is sincerely distressing to them.  Sometimes, intimacy can exist independent of sex, & there is no problem.  Sometimes, the problem is so big that it is destructive to the relationship. Sometimes, the dysfunction extends beyond the bedroom, such that the woman is experiencing vaginal or vulvar pain even without sexual activity.


Many women have difficulty approaching their concerns about their genital regions because they worry that they are going to be told it is just something that they have to live with.  We do not want you to have to live with something that is less than what you want, & if your sexual function feels impaired, we would like to help you improve it.  Female sexual dysfunction can arise from a wide array of underlying causes & can present with many, varied symptoms.  Whether you are experiencing decreased libido, vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness, vulvar pain, vaginal pain, inability to achieve orgasm, deep pelvic pain, or another unpleasant symptom, we are here to help you navigate & address it.  We understand entirely the importance of intimacy in your life, & we understand the intricacies of how sexual dysfunction can adversely affect your general well-being.  Our staff is all female, sensitive to your privacy, & always non-judgmental.  We are here to support women in all ways to live their very best lives.

Vitalia treatments utilize radiofrequency technology to gently warm your vulvar &/or vaginal skin, promoting your body's own collagen and elastin production and increasing localized circulation. This tightens and tones the vaginal canal, decreasing accidental urinary leakage & improving sexual function &  response. The enhanced circulation improves sexual response and lubrication and decreases painful intercourse caused by inflammation, atrophy, diminished estrogen production or muscular spasming (known as "vaginismus").  The radiofrequency treatment improves lubrication, circulation & nerve response to the vulva, the vagina & the clitoris, diminishing the pain response that many women have with touching or penetration, making both you & your vagina more receptive & responsive to sexual contact.


When used in combination with our non-invasive Emsella Chair, the Vitalia treatment optimally restores pelvic strength & tone and eliminates bladder leaking. When used externally on the vulvar tissue, the Vitalia treatment improves appearance of the labia, plumping the tissue and diminishing a crepey or stretched appearance. Called the "non-surgical labiaplasty"  Vitalia treatments can improve external appearance and enhance overall sexual function and response all in one 60-minute treatment. All Vitalia treatments are performed by the same gynecologic experts who would perform complicated surgical procedures, & the same medical providers who would perform your pap smears or other pelvic procedures. . Unlike MedSpa or non-gynecologic settings, we will never delegate radiofrequency treatment to anyone who is not your medical provider, who is an expert in female pelvic health. This ensures your safety and optimizes your outcomes. In partnership with you, we will create a unique medical recipe, which will include complete attention to your vulva & vagina before, during & after your treatment, that is designed to help you achieve exactly the response you want.  Your optimal treatment protocol may involve multiple treatment modalities & it will vary entirely from the treatment protocol offered any other woman, because your body & your sexual response are entirely unique. 


Your intensive package includes all visits, all variety of frequent check-ins, the development of a comprehensive plan, a consistent program for accountability, frequent tailoring with revision as necessary, tangible resources and tools given to you for home use, and the use of any recommended ancillary services.




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