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Hair Concerns


Hair Concerns

Show Your Scalp Some Love

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

Your scalp is the foundation for your hair.

Hair loss is rarely about the hair itself.

Hair growth & strength is rarely about the hair itself.

Hair concerns are often a symptom of an underlying problem. 

Comprehensive Care:



We offer complete, comprehensive evaluation, including dermatoscopy & laboratory evaluation as indicated, for any & all hair loss/growth concerns. We seek to identify & treat the underlying cause of thinning hair to prevent progression. We offer a variety of different, comprehensive treatment options, including Keravive follicular keratin infusion, which involves intensive scalp exfoliation (when was the last time you REALLY cleaned your scalp?!) to remove debris, product build-up, free radicals, & damaged cells. This painless, needleless treatment is completed with a process of unique follicle hydration using a patented keratin peptide complex that supports follicular function & revives hair health. As with every service we offer, our practice is unique in that we do not delegate services, meaning that every single thing that will be done to your body will be done by a medical provider, who can diagnose and treat the full-scope of your skin concerns, including identifying underlying conditions that may be causing your particular concern and treating localized problems in conjunction with developing an at-home treatment regimen that fits into your life.





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