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Lesion Destruction

If you found a bump, chances are you're pretty upset. Chances are, you've already thought about all the things that it could possibly be. Chances are, you've already googled & diagnosed yourself with the worst. Maybe you've already planned your divorce. Maybe you've already planned your funeral. Whatever the case, we know you're probably extremely worried. Take a breath.

Whatever your bump is, we've seen it before. We will know what it is & we will know how to treat it. Dr. Chinn & Morghan have been diagnosing & treating vulvar, vaginal, perineal & anal lumps & bumps together for almost 40 years. We know you're distressed. We know you're embarrassed. We know you are freaking out. But, we won't be. We will take a look & we will get to the bottom of it. We will have a number of options for treatment, which might include medication & might involve one of our in-office procedures, which are available same-day.


Lesion Destruction


We offer the following options in the office in order to serve you best. We will always perform screening for sexually transmitted infections upon request. A thorough & complete evaluation will always involve a pelvic examination with microscopic assessment of vaginal discharge, cultures from your cervix, & bloodwork. Sexually transmitted infection testing, however, is not necessary to diagnose & treat most of the lumps & bumps you'll find, because most lumps & bumps, believe it or not, are not actually sexually transmitted!

Bartholin's Gland Cyst/Abscess Drainage

A KINK IN THE HOSE The Bartholin's glands that you didn't even know you had are two glands on either side of the vaginal opening that are responsible for producing vaginal lubrication. These glands can develop cysts or can get infected with bacteria & become abscesses. If this happens, it can cause exquisite pain & you may desire drainage or marsupialization to prevent recurrence. We can take care of this the same day, in our office, with local anesthesia.

Directed Monopolar Radiofrequency Vaporization

ZAP IT! Whether it's a skin tag, a mole, or a wart, sometimes women find they simply want the lesion they've discovered GONE RIGHT NOW! If that is the case & we find that the lesion is benign & does not need a biopsy, we can offer you immediate radiofrequency vaporization of the lesion. This one-time treatment eliminates the lesion entirely.


Excisional Biopsy

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?! The skin on your vulva or near your anus can develop precancerous and cancerous lesions, just like the skin anywhere else on your body. If you have developed a lump or bump that is concerning to us, we will evaluate it with our dermatascope & make a recommendation for biopsy, which can be performed that day with a variety of modalities under local anesthesia. Sutures may or may not be required.

Topical Acid Treatment

BURN IT OFF! Another option for lesion treatment is the application of topical acid. Depending on the particular lesion, this option may be preferable. The lesion must be benign, but acid can be carefully applied just to the lesion & is often very effective for removal. This can be highly effective for recurrent boils in the genital region.



IS THAT A WART? If we find that you have a benign lesion that is consistent with a genital wart, which can occur anywhere on the genitalia, including near the anus & is the result of skin to skin contact, just as warts occur on hands & feet & elsewhere on the body, you may elect to have use freeze the wart using liquid nitrogen. We will apply topical anesthesia to limit your discomfort. Often, only one treatment is necessary, but occasionally a repeat treatment is necessary.

Surgical Removal

LARGER LESIONS If you have a large lesion or an abscess (which can occur in multiple places, sometimes at the follicle from waxing, sugaring or shaving hair), we may need to surgically open the lesion & allow it to drain. This sometimes requires packing with sterile gauze & at-home measures to prevent the spread or progression of infection. Sometimes, we can suture or glue the area shut after excision is made. Sometimes, we have to leave it open. We will talk you through the process & make it as comfortable as possible.


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