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This Doesn't Seem Right...

Sex is a need. Read that again. Sex is a need. It is a physical and psychological need. A good sex life is good for your heart. It is good for your hormones. It is good for your brain. It is good for your immune system. A good sex life is a sex life that is pleasurable for you. Read that again. FOR YOU. Pleasurable sex is good for our pelvic floors. Painful sex is not. Pleasurable sex decreases our overall pain response. Painful sex does not. Women's sexual wellness has long taken a backseat to men's intimate wellness. Women have been told that painful sex is something they have to deal with, or that the only solution is to use a variety of substances to attempt to have intercourse without discomfort. Whether you are experiencing vaginal dryness, painful sex, changes in your sexual response, or differences in your sensation following such procedures as childbirth or chemotherapeutic treatment, we have minimally invasive treatment options that, when tailored to your specific concerns, will improve your symptoms.



Many women have suffered injury to their vulvar and vaginal regions during childbirth or were born with labia that prevent them from having the sex (or engaging in other activities) they want because their anatomy is limiting their function. Sex and intimacy can boost your mood, reduce your stress and enhance your self-esteem and confidence, but not if your self-esteem and confidence are limiting your ability to be intimate or active in the first place. Whatever your concern, we will partner with you to find the best, personalized solution for you. Dr. Chinn & Morghan are both gynecologic experts with years of experience assessing women's vulvar & vaginal health & function. We offer a vast array of treatment options because no one option is appropriate for all women. Evaluation of your concerns will be unbiased, comprehensive & detailed, & your treatment regimen may involve multiple modalities.

Your quality of life is affected by your genital integrity, & your Chinn GYN providers know this.  We know that some women are limiting their activity because of genetic differences in their labia, perineums or vaginas or because aging, childbirth or another trauma has resulted in laxity and lengthening of the tissues that have made certain activities either embarrassing or uncomfortable.  While the size & shape of the labia vary incredibly from woman to woman & can still be considered normal, they should never be so notable that they are painful, uncomfortable or otherwise interfering with function. Some women are born with or develop labia that are embarrassing to them & cannot engage fully in intimate relations as a result.  Some women have experienced traumatic deliveries with suboptimal repair of their genital tissue that leaves them altered for life. Some women would like to be able to engage in exercise, horseback riding or bicycling without awareness of their labia. Some women would just like to be able to wear their choice of clothing without excessive irritation.  Some women have significant emotional distress related to the appearance of their genitals. If any of these scenarios hit home for you, you may be a candidate for radiofrequency labiaplasty, perineoplasty or vaginoplasty.

Many women have difficulty approaching their concerns about their genital regions because they worry that their concerns are superficial.  Please know that we do not feel that any concern about appearance or function is superficial.  We understand entirely the importance of self-confidence in all aspects of your life, & we understand the intricacies of how genital appearance can adversely affect your general well-being.  We do not think things should be lived with simply because you were born that way if the parts that you were born with are limiting your ability to engage fully in life. Our staff is all female, sensitive to your privacy, & always non-judgmental.  We are here to support women in all ways to live their very best lives.

Surgical labiaplasty is designed to restructure the labia to decrease their size and laxity & diminish their interference with all activities.  Surgical vaginoplasty is designed to enhance sexual sensation & pelvic functionality by tightening & repairing the muscles of the vaginal wall.  Lack of muscle tone & skin laxity in the vagina can cause a decreased vaginal sensation, pain with penetration, burning or itching, or incontinence concerns. Surgical perineoplasty is designed to address both disfigurements from a suboptimal repair following childbirth, damage resulting from excessive stretching, & muscular weakness in both the perineum & the vaginal opening.  It restores the tissue & muscles of the perineum to a tighter state & can repair appearance following a traumatic event.

Dr. Chinn offers unique out-patient treatments that utilize radiofrequency technology to surgically repair asymmetric or problematic labial tissue or to revise and repair the vulva, perineum, or vagina. For women who are self-conscious about their labia, either because of genetic variation or because of an injury or insult that left them with lasting labial changes, this option easily restores confidence and vitality during sexual activity. For women who have discomfort related to their labia during penetration, this treatment can revolutionize their sexual experiences. For women who have had trauma to their vaginal canals or who are experiencing significant laxity or discomfort following childbirth, All treatments are performed in-office with our all-female staff & the use of local anesthesia & self-administered nitrous oxide. You can drive yourself home, & the unique radiofrequency technology promotes rapid healing and tissue regeneration, minimizing downtime. Radiofrequency labiaplasty, perineoplasty or vaginoplasty requires unique gynecologic surgical skills. Dr. Chinn has honed these skills to ensure that she uses the best technology available to optimize your outcomes. In partnership with you, Dr. Chinn will create a unique medical recipe, which will include complete attention to your genitals before, during & after your personalized treatment, which is designed to help you achieve exactly the response you want.

Your intensive package includes all visits, all variety of frequent check-ins, the development of a comprehensive plan, a consistent program for accountability, frequent tailoring with revision as necessary, tangible resources and tools given to you for home use, and the use of any recommended ancillary services.




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