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We are committed to having office hours that work in real life. We realize that you are busy & that you are juggling many responsibilities. We realize that, as a woman, your self-care tends to take a backseat

your other obligations. The last thing that healthcare should be is hard to access. We are also in the clinic & available to you on nearly all holidays; we only close for Thanksgiving & Christmas Day. In order to allow you an array of convenient scheduling options, we offer evening hours, lunchtime hours, and weekend hours. Additionally, we offer video visits if a physical visit is a barrier. Events that disrupt our normal office hours will always be listed below.






Come see what we have up our sleeves in the clinic, find us in the community, and catch the monthly promos!



March Promo:

Buy Emsculpt, Get Emerald- Do OVER!

In January, we had a promotion that has been very popular in the past… Buy Emsculpt, Get Emerald FREE ($1,530-$1,920 value, depending on your Emsculpting type)! That being said, we had a social media snaffu, and it was posted as a FEBRUARY promo… many of you reached out stating you thought the promo would be in the coming month, not January! That’s our bad. SO, this month, you can get that Melt ‘n Sculpt magic treatment (combo Emsculpt and Emerald) for the cost of your Emsculpt… and we’ll throw in a bottle of Alastin’s Transform, too!


Click HERE for more info on the promo!


3/1-3/4: Sweat T Shirt Contest!

Things are heating up with our 5th Annual Sweat T Shirt Contest! Swing by the office at some point between the 1st and 4th to sweat it out in our Infrared Sauna to see who sweats the most! Everyone can participate, free of charge, and you will get to keep your Sweat T Shirt (really, keep it, we don’t want it back). The person who sweats it out the most during their sauna session will win 8 sessions of Emerald laser fat reduction treatments!

3/16: Tasia’s Birthday!

Your Chinn GYN Team sticks around on holidays such as Memorial day, President’s Day, and Labor Day, so that you can use the time you already have off from work for your appointments… but we DO take our employee’s birthday’s as our holidays (and Christmas and Thanksgiving, we couldn’t give those ones up)! We will be out of the office on 3/16 for our beloved Tasia’s THIRTIETH birthday- if you see Tasia this month, wish her a happy Dirty Thirty!

3/17: St. Patrick’s Day!

After Tasia’s birthday, we will be back in the office on 3/17 with a fun outdoor event for St. Patrick’s Day! Test your luck with our Pot ‘O Gold giveaway… small pots of gold will be hidden around the clinic and will have a coin in them of varying colors. All will be winners of an awesome prize, but some will be EXTRA lucky… how lucky are you feeling?


4/2-4/9: Spring Break!

Hopping into the next month, we will be taking our Spring break in the first week of April! We will be out of the office from 4/2-4/9 to allow our team some much needed R ‘n R. We will make sure to give everyone plenty of heads up, but just know it’s on the horizon! If you need anything before we go, please let us know so that we can get you taken care of!


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