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best gynecologist

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Incontinence affects millions of women in the United States, and millions of women do not know they have incontinence.  Incontinence can be urinary, flatal (gas) or fecal (stool), and it can stem from a wide variety of causes.  Incontinence is the involuntary leakage of bowel or bladder contents when it is not expected.  Often, for women, this happens with laughter, sneezing, jumping, running or other activity.  This is called stress incontinence, and it can occur different reasons.  Other times, it occurs when the bladder or bowels are particularly full, which is called urge incontinence.  Sometimes, leakage occurs in both scenarios, & this is called mixed incontinence.  Not all forms of incontinence come from the same source & not all forms of incontinence respond well to the same treatment modalities. It is extremely important that your individual condition be thoroughly evaluated & that you explore all treatment options.  Whatever the circumstances & however it occurs, we know that it can be distressing, embarrassing, time-consuming, and limiting.  However you find yourself with accidental leaks, we can work with you to develop the appropriate treatment protocol & help you take back your life. 

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Frequently, women find, after pregnancy or as they age, that they are limiting their activity because of involuntary leakage.  They are no longer able to run or jump without leaking.  They are no longer able to laugh or sneeze without having to cross their legs. Our providers will work directly with you to tailor a treatment plan to your specific body type, needs, & goals. Whether your days are affected by embarrassing leaks with laughter, or your sexual wellness & intimate experiences are limited by laxity or prolapse, or you are simply weary of the inconvenience of having to find a toilet RIGHT NOW, we offer unprecedented & innovative options for improvement. Because Dr. Chinn & Morghan each has unique expertise in providing gynecologic care and assessing vaginal, bladder and pelvic health, they will thoroughly assess your particular concern and clinical situation and have the capacity to make a wide array of recommendations, based on your unique characteristics and the treatment option that will provide you with the absolute best outcome. Schedule your consultation today, and find yourself progressively jumping without leaking, experiencing dry sneezes and laughing, and returning to the activities you've been limiting to avoid leaking.

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Women are often reluctant to express their concerns or seek advice because they have been told that what is happening is normal & something they will have to live with or because they think the only option is surgery.  While Dr. Chinn can & does perform bladder sling & posterior/anterior repair surgeries to address prolapse or incontinence concerns, it certainly isn't the only, & frequently is not the best, option to address prolapse, laxity or incontinence concerns. Among a wide variety of non-surgical options available in our office, we offer the option of the revolutionary & non-invasive Emsella Chair.  The Emsella Chair is a treatment for pelvic floor & sexual dysfunction that is completely non-invasive & allows recipients to remain fully clothed for the duration of their treatments. Aging, genetics, weight gain, childbirth challenges & menopause all contribute to laxity of the pelvic floor muscles. The Emsella Chair utilizes an innovative electromagnetic technology that targets the pelvic floor muscles, causing thousands of deep contractions per session--more repetitions than could ever be done independently or with years of invasive, directed pelvic floor physical therapy. The results are remarkable, for both bladder/bowel control & sexual function, with 95% of patients reporting significant improvement during their initial treatment course. Dry sneezes & strong orgasms have never been more easily attainable.