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Chinn GYN, LLC

Personal Care for Your Personal Parts

best gynecologist
best gynecologist
Lexx Stenson

Lexx Stenson


Ever the ethereal, art-loving, beauty-seeking nomad, Lexx has lived throughout the country and has traveled afar to broaden her horizons, always finding herself drawn back to the Pacific Northwest.  Lexx is an animated fireball who is madly in love with the world. She joined Dr. Chinn in creating the dream that would become the Chinn GYN model of care and starts each day challenging the team to ensure each service offered within our clinic walls is top-tier, evidence-based, highly effective, individually appropriate and ultimately safe. Remarkably talented, Lexx has many surprising skills the likes of which most people cannot begin to guess. Lexx's greatest driving force is in preserving and promoting autonomy for every single being.  She is ardently compelled to protect individual justice, equity, and equality, and she is driven to assist others in optimizing the quality of their lives and achieving the stuff of their dreams. Lexx serves as an ambassador for the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce and thrives on networking with others and learning more about personal experiences, hopes and dreams, as she is inspired by possibility and loves to approach life from well outside the box. When Lexx is not in the clinic, she is often found gliding around with wheels beneath her feet, tending to her vast collection of pet snakes, or immersed in creative work. She loves to empower others and truly believes there is no place on earth that is better than Chinn GYN.