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Chinn GYN, LLC

Personal Care for Your Personal Parts

best gynecologist
best gynecologist
Morghan Milagrosa

Morghan Milagrosa


Morghan was born and raised in rural Montana. She attended Swarthmore College for her undergraduate training and then completed her graduate training at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. She has practiced since 2006 in a wide variety of settings and locations throughout the East Coast and here in the Pacific Northwest, which she believes to truly be her home. She has served as faculty for University programs in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. A lifelong learner, Morghan has consistently sought additional training to expand her scope of practice to allow her to provide exceptional, evidence-based care in a holistic fashion to individuals experiencing different, specific challenges, including obesity, disordered eating, substance use concerns, lactation challenges, cosmetic dilemmas, and menopausal distress. One of the things that she finds most fulfilling about her career is having the opportunity to partner with others in their learning processes, which she sees as an integral and often absent facet of healthcare. She is deeply committed to her own lifelong learning. She joined Chinn GYN for its commitment to integrative care that is truly personal. She thinks of women's health as a discipline that should promote the health of the whole woman, not focus exclusively on her reproductive parts and functions. Her least favorite thing to do is get a pap smear.