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Sarah Ekstein


Sarah Ekstein



Born and raised in Southern California, Sarah truly brings the sunshine with her everywhere she goes. She is inspired on a daily basis to brighten up the lives of everyone she encounters. From the outset of her career in healthcare, Sarah has been determined to ensure that the patients she serves enjoy the best possible experience, regardless of the reason for their visit. Sarah's greatest passions are making people laugh and learning more about the lives of others. She has worked in healthcare in California and Washington since 2011 in a variety of surgical and ambulatory settings. Sarah is a Navy spouse who has been acclimated since a young age to relocating frequently for her husband's work; when she returned to Washington for her second stint in 2017, however, she began working in women's health with Dr. Chinn and Morghan and knew that the camaraderie and kinship she found would ultimately mean she would call Washington her forever home. Sarah joined Chinn GYN at its inception and is immensely proud of her role in supporting her providers and patients alike. She is more proud, still, of the massive amount of glee she witnesses in her children when they report that Sarah is the powerhouse of the Chinn GYN team! A viral sensation, Sarah's favorite thing to do is create clever clips on TikTok & craftily coerce others into joining her.


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