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Holistic Care



Holistic Care



We are the experts in healthcare for women. You are the expert in you. We have treated many women, but we have never treated another you. We commit to treating you as a unique & complex entity, as someone who will respond differently than anyone else to diseases, disorders, experiences, treatments, & diagnoses. We will never see you in the context of someone else & we promise to treat you in the context of the WHOLE you, as a person with many interconnected body systems who has a spiritual experience & emotional reactions living a life that is distinct from any other life that has ever been lived. Because we are not the experts in you, we need you as our partner in order to create a personally tailored plan of care that will optimize your outcomes on all levels. We are honored to accompany each & every woman we encounter, wherever she is on her life path, however she lives her life & with whatever she is experiencing, on her journey to true wellness, which can only be defined by her. Comprehensive care, in our minds, is the only kind of care that should exist.

It's Different.

That's Why it works.

"Dr. Chinn and Morghan are seriously my team of super heroes. These two women could just be ordinary providers that treat you like a number, as many others I’ve had do. They will get to the root of an issue and not just treat with medications. They are seriously the most amazing women I have ever encountered in healthcare. I am not just a number, I am an individual. The entire staff is overwhelmingly positive, encouraging and they go way beyond their call of duty. Super Rockstars!!!"

-Aimee, Complete Self Primary Care Member

Personal care...

…for you. For all of your many personal parts: from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. For your personal life. For your personal being. For your personal expectations. For your personal concerns. For your personal mind. For your personal body. For your personal person.


You deserve more than seven minutes to tell your story. You deserve a care team who truly knows you. You deserve a provider who is available, consistent, attentive, & completely open.



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